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We now offer webinars full of interesting content for individuals wishing to learn more about Taitus products. Webinars are live broadcasts that offer the opportunity to learn and ask questions. Below is the list of available webinars. Please click on the ‘Register’ links to sign up. 

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What’s New in SaVoir 8.0.0

March 23, 2018 at 2:00 pm (UTC)

Registration Required

SaVoir 8.0.0


The release of version 8.0.0 of SaVoir provides an opportunity for us to share the latest developments in an interactive webinar. During this presentation, we will explore the main new features and functional enhancements of SaVoir.

Specific topics that will be covered in the webinar are:


  • new feature to allow configuring what parameters appear
  • new “Beta angle” swath parameter
  • new attitude modes
  • new cumulative cloud probability map
  • new time plot of cumulative cloud probability
  • new “Range”and “Height” swath parameters
  • new Latency constraint
  • new “Time to Target” tool
  • and much more!


For the duration of the presentation, Taitus will be available to answer questions from webinar attendees.

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