Frequently Asked Questions





How to get the maximum elevation exported from Savoir?

to export the maximum elevation you know how  to generate elevation plots. Then right click on the El area and select Export to Excel. The plot will export the elevation values with an automatic time step, typ. 30 second for a oe day simulation. You can select a...

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Can I transfer the license to another computer?

Under the Help menu, open Software activation. You can deactivate the license in this dialog and use the license code on another computer. For versions prior to version 6.x, you can free the license by starting SaVoir with the Ctrl key pressed. Once the license is...

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Can I download updates for my purchased SaVoir license?

Yes. If your license is under maintenance, you will be automatically alerted by the software when new versions are available. You will be requested to confirm the start of the download. In addition to software updates, there are also updates to the satellite...

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