Can I get SaVoir updates for free?

Yes. All updates are free when you have an active maintenance package. Extend your maintenance package before it expires in order to continue to get free updates. If your maintenance package expires, you will have to buy a new license to get future updates.

What is the expiration date of a SaVoir license?

The software itself does not expire. You can continue to use the software forever. However, the maintenance package expires after one year. The maintenance package includes online support for problems, techniques, configuration and general usage of the software. Also, all upgrades (on average, one per month) are provided free of charge during this time. Upgrades, in general, cover both bug fixes as well as enhancements which are usually requested by our users. The maintenance package can be extended for one or more years as long as it is done BEFORE it expires.

How do I install SaVoir software?

Releases of SaVoir are contained in self-extracting executable (.exe) files. To install a downloaded SaVoir release:

1. Close all programs.
2. Double click the self-extracting (.exe) installation file to start the installation. An InstallShield wizard is launched to guide you step by step through the rest of the installation.
3. Follow the InstallShield wizard instructions until the installation has completed.

What are the system requirements to install SaVoir?

Minimum system requirements for SaVoir:
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (or Windows 2000 or Windows Server).
Intel Pentium III – 1 GHz (or AMD Athlon)
3D Graphics Card with 128 MB of RAM
2 GB of available disk space
DSL / Cable Internet connection
256 MB of RAM (Random Access Memory)

What is SaVoir used for?

SaVoir is a standalone application for analyzing potential remote sensing opportunities of earth observation satellites. By combining satellite orbit, sensor field of view geometry, user-defined areas of interest, and system capabilities and constraints, SaVSaVoir Configured Sensorsoir determines exact times and footprints of sensing data takes.
Check also our YouTube channel for examples of SaVoir use.

Is it possible to download a trial version of SaVoir?

You can download a 30-day trial version of SaVoir on the SaVoir webpage.

The address to the licence server has been corrupted, what can I do to confirm the licence?

Start SaVoir and immediately hold down the Ctrl key. You will get the following dialogs below. (1) Click on the button with the dots and ensure that the URL is the one shown below. If it is not, hit the Revert button to reset it. (2)
Test the connection to the licence server. If all goes well, it should work from then on. Otherwise, let us know what you encounter at

Is it possible to download a complete list of sensors used in SaVoir?

You can download a complete sensors list configured and delivered with SaVoir here.

Are there any discounts if I purchase multiple SaVoir licenses at the same time?

Volume discounts can be negotiated. We will review the pricing on a case-by-case basis but maintaining a consistent pricing policy for all our customers.

How much does a SaVoir license cost?

Use the Purchase form for send us your request and we will send you our best quotation.

How do I get a quotation?

Requesting a quotation is easy. You just need to submit your request by filling the online form.

How do I purchase the SaVoir software?

Send us your purchase order. After the receipt of our quotation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the invoice and the activation code.

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I cannot install SaVoir, how do I get support?

Use the Support form provided on the website or send an e-mail to Please provide as much information as you can regarding your system hardware and software configuration.

Can I download updates for my purchased SaVoir license?

Yes. If your license is under maintenance, you will be automatically alerted by the software when new versions are available. You will be requested to confirm the start of the download. In addition to software updates, there are also updates to the satellite configurations – all free under the maintenance package.

Can I transfer the license to another computer?

Under the Help menu, open Software activation. You can deactivate the license in this dialog and use the license code on another computer.

For versions prior to version 6.x, you can free the license by starting SaVoir with the Ctrl key pressed. Once the license is freed, you will receive a “removal code” which you can use on the Activation Center to free up a license on one computer for activation on another computer.

 How to get the maximum elevation exported from Savoir?

to export the maximum elevation you know how  to generate elevation plots. Then right click on the El area and select Export to Excel.
The plot will export the elevation values with an automatic time step, typ. 30 second for a oe day simulation. You can select a different time step in “Edit / Properties / Gantt / Plots time step”. Set it to CUSTOM and select a plot of 1sec time step.  This will give you the max elevation of each pass at 1 sec resolution.

How do I activate SaVoir licences after the purchase?

After your purchase you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the latest version and instruction on the installation and the activation of the license.

How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

After your purchase, you will receive the invoice in pdf format by email and the original paper by post.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Bank transfer payment is accepted.



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