SaVoir 8.3.0 now available

A new SaVoir version 8.3.0 is ready for download. Discover all the new features and the configuration updates!

Main new features added

New Import / Export menus

New Import / Export menus, allows to import and export swath planning files in several formats, including:

  • ESA Sentinel mission plans in KML and CSV formats.
  • EODC (EMSA Earth Observation Data Center) XML fomat, according to different schema versions.
  • Radarsat-2 Acquisition Coverage Planning (ACP) files compatible with Radarsat-2 Acquisition Planning Tool.


New Satellite SSTL-S1-4 is now available

The addition of the SSTL-S1 4 satellite will enhance both the revisit capability of the TripleSat Constellation and its efficient global high resolution remote sensing satellite data acquisition and operation services

SSTL_S1-4 added
SSTL-S1-4 Orbit
Visible Columns in the Report view
new columns

It is now possible to configure the visible columns in the Report view, and their relative order.


Minimum and Maximum coverage area to the Coverage area constraints have been added.
no constraint
coverage constraint

It is now possible to define minimum Area Coverage requirements for scheduled acquisitions:

  • Min Coverage: Minimum ratio between AOI portion covered and Total AOI area.
  • Min Target: Minimum ratio between Swath portion which is of value and Total Swath area.
  • Min Incremental: Minimum coverage ratio used during optimization process. The target area is progressively eroded during optimization. The Min Incremental is the Min coverage measured against the eroded target area. Use this constraint to force the optimization to select swaths that provide better increments of coverage. It should lead to coverage solutions with fewer swaths needed.
  • Min area: Minimum required swath area. Swaths with smaller area will be deleted.
  • Max area: Maximum required swath area. Swaths with bigger area will be deleted.

If the swath does not comply with any of the requirements it will be discarded.


minimum area coverage
Swaths framing configuration has new features
Swaths Length

Using this new feature it is possible to edit swaths individually to change their framing configuration, and shorten and lengthen to the next full frame, via right click menu.

Check out the release notes here. For those with a previous version installed, it is possible to download the update through the Check for Updates function in the Help menu.  For those without a license, the application is fully functional, with a 30-day free trial period.  If you need to extend the evaluation period, please contact us for an extension.


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