High Efficiency Real-time Multithreading Engine for Space applications

HERMES focuses on providing our customers, satellite service providers and end-users of satellite data, specifically those in the segment of Earth Observation, the perfect tool to precisely plan and design the right scheduling, the right amount of data and the right providers to cost-effectively achieve their mission goals.

With HERMES we plan to consolidate our technology model and later build it up with new functionalities and techniques destined to meet the growing needs of the space and satellite data services industry.

HERMES is a software development ecosystem (HERMES SDK plus applications, plugins and services) that allows building quickly and efficiently software systems for the space industry. It proposes a complete renewal of the core software used to manage satellite data acquisition functions through innovative methods of general purpose GPU processing, incorporating much of the latest innovations in hardware and software, in particular as regards visualization and processing with graphics hardware.

  • Mathematical and physical models successfully proven in-the-field on rigorous missions (e.g. Sentinel program).
  • Our high quality Software Development Kit (SDK) lets our clients save more than 65% of development cost, thanks to its high modularity and our SDK license cost is 50% cheaper than those from our competitors with equivalent features.
  • Uncompromised embedded visualizations engine.

HERMES improves productivity and promotes technological advances of the space industry in several ways:

Time Saving
With HERMES exceptional boost in processing speed (10x-100x upgrade), satellite data acquisition planning and processing is strongly optimized.

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Development cost reduction
As we plan to license our software as a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product, inhouse software developments carried out by satellite data users will be reduced, and our core software will become a solid software module upon which our customers can reliably build their specific solutions.

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Dissemination of pioneering technology
A profound knowledge of the mathematical and physical models of the devices and systems involved, is a rare combination of know-hows that will become a huge advantage for potential followers.

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We want to push technological development of the space industry and its satellite segment, offering our more than a decade long know-how in GPU programming applied to its specific needs. We have already a solid presence in many agencies and companies with other products, and we expect to expand through our current distribution network and reputation.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 783850