Charts plugin

The SaVoir Charts Plugin provides a number charting and plotting functions and capabilities to SaVoir for a number of key orbit, swath and performance parameters. In particular, the Color Maps, allow to plot depth of coverage, revisit times, latency, delivery times and sun zenith angles on a global interactive map with unprecedented performance.


The Charts plugin extends the SaVoir functionalities to provide numerous charting and plotting capabilities which are important for applications such as mission analysis. Click here for a  a brief presentation of the Plugin.

The plugin provides:


For each geographical position a color map will be generated. A color code will indicate the class desired value (average, maximum, minimum or standard deviation) for the simulation period and the selected satellite sensors. All plots allow for multi satellite/sensor plots and the scale of colors can be customized. Plots are generated for global Earth or clipped to selected regions.




Many charting options of orbit, swath, attitude, antenna and range parameters. It is possible to print the results, export data content to Excel file, add many charts to the plot choosing different colors.


  • Semimajor Axis
  • Eccentricity
  • Inclination
  • RAAN
  • Arg Perigee
  • Mean Local Solar Time and drift at ANX
  • Eclipse Time
  • Beta Angle
  • Sun limb Angle


  • Elevation
  • Azimuth: elevation, range and range rate
  • Contact time

Time distance between Satelites

Yaw steering angle

Antenna Azimuth - elevation

Angle distance between satellites

Satellite velocity

Satellite width on ground


  • Range between satellites, along and cross-track
  • Range rate between satellites
  • Angle between satellites
  • Time distance between satellites
  • Range to Antenna
  • Range rate to Antenna


  • Sun Zenith Angle
  • Swath Width
  • Incidence Angle


  • Yaw Steering Angle
  • Roll Steering Angle
  • Pitch Steering Angle
  • Point target Doppler frequency