Visual Simulator for Space and Ground Segment

Realistic 3D space and ground segment simulator

The Visual Simulator for Space and Ground Segment (VSSGS) is a Windows stand-alone application for the display and simulation of the ground segment and satellite activities for multiple satellites with maximum precision and realism.

The VSSGS is pre-configured with a large number of satellites along with their accompanying sensors. The orbit of the satellites is configured using nominal sun-synchronous orbit parameters or two line elements. As such, the VSSGS is able to operate autonomously and automatically by orbit propagation.

In addition to this pre-configured operational mode, the VSSGS is able to automatically obtain additional information, for a selected set of satellites, such that the actual ground segment and satellite activities are shown. 

Main Features

  • Highly interactive application with fast user response in all conditions, large number of world map projection options, colouring and map contents.
  • Full 3D visualization of the earth and other celestial bodies, with automatic management of level of detail (LOD) and on-demand remote download of images, similar to Google Earth and Worldwind applications.
  • Embedded orbital models and propagators, with the possibility of analytical propagation based on Keplerian / Cartesian vectors or Two Line Elements (TLEs) with the possibility of on-line updating via web.
  • Sun-synchronous orbit management for satellites with repeat cycle.
  • Real-time, accelerated-time, user-selected-time and Gantt-chart tracking animations for single or multiple satellite sets.
  • Sensor swath field-of-view configuration in XML files.
  • Visualization of satellite swaths and downlinks using actual satellite planning information (DMOP), station schedules (SHAQ) and predicted and restituted orbit information.
  • Automatic update and storage of downloaded satellite planning information, station schedules and orbit information in a local database for optimized cached performance. Built-in static screen capture function for optimized extraction of graphical output in various graphical file formats.
  • Built-in video capture function for optimized compression and generation of video files for subsequent playback.