End-to-end client-server order system with a plug-in-extended SaVoir as the client

SaVoirK (Swath Acquisition Planner for Kongsberg Satellite Services – KSAT) incorporates a plugin technology allowing to seamlessly extend the functionality of the application.

KSAT is a world leading provider of ground station services for polar orbiting satellites from their uniquely located global ground network, and provides advanced monitoring services with rapid delivery based on multiple satellite missions. The SaVoirK plugins have been developed under an exclusive contract with Kongsberg Satellite Services AS™ (KSAT) and their use is restricted by KSAT and/or Taitus Software Italia srl™.

Multi-Mission Planning and Ordering Tool

The SaVoirK plugins form part of the KSAT Ordering System. This system consists of 6 major components, as described as follows.


The first two components are the client applications used in the KSAT Ordering System by users well acquainted with satellite product ordering:

  • SaVoirK Advanced User application, used by clients of KSAT, which supports product identification using archive querying, the SaVoir planning features and order submission, cancellation and modification.
  • SaVoirK Order Desk application, used as the KSAT internal management tool that extends the features of SaVoirK Advanced User application to support the full order management and processing.

The third and fourth components are the server components:

  • Order Management Module which stores in a database all the information related to orders and follows the Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility (HMA) specification for the communication protocol and for the order status, state transitions and, in general, the workflow model.
  • Archive Discovery Module, used by SaVoirK users and the SaVoirK Web Service (SKWS), which retrieves the archived products from a set of satellite data providers using the HMA specification for the communication protocol.

The fifth component is the web service which translates the orders and quotations from the HMA specification to the simpler web application interface:

  • SaVoirK Web Service, used to serve requests from the SaVoirK Web Application (KWEB) providing a single point of access to the KSAT ordering system.

The last component is the application used by the KSAT clients who are  less familar with satellite product ordering but are interested in procuring products:

  • SaVoirK Web Application, used by the web clients to easily access the KSAT services.

Order types

The order is the basic entity of the system and represents all the user needs. It can be either of these 2 types:

  • Specific order: It contains a set of order items (results of a planning activity), each one fully specified by satellite, sensor, sensor mode, start/stop times, footprint and other acquisition-specific parameters (e.g. swath or incidence angle, polarization, etc.) needed to uniquely identify an acquisition.
  • Generic order: It represents the user’s request by describing the order in terms of a time window, areas of interest, satellites and coverage parameters (e.g. min. / max off nadir angles, etc.). This is needed to handle the case of optical sensors where a specific order is not the most convenient method of ordering.


Both order types contain information regarding payment and delivery options chosen by the user. It also supports the negotiation phase between customers and KSAT by including the necessary quotation information.