Sensor footprint generator

The Reference Swath Editor (RSE) is a Windows stand-alone application for modeling satellite sensor swath coverage on the earth’s surface.

Modeling includes visual representation of the swath overlaid on a map of the world and the generation of XML files which provide the relevant parameters and data needed to compute nominal ground sensing capability.

A reference swath defines the ‘footprint’ of a satellite sensor for a single orbit, such that it can be easily translated for further orbits by simple time and longitude shift.

The reference swath considers the maximum left and right borders viewable from the sensor, i.e. an overall ‘envelope’ in case of steerable sensors.

It also defines the relevant steering and view angle characteristics to allow calculation of the specific footprint of a selected steering position from the envelope.


Reference Swath Editor

The orbital elements dialog editor can calculate modifications in a satellite’s orbital elements by shifting the satellite’s orbit ascending node crossing by time or longitude.

These modifications can be saved and applied in a new file compatible with the XML format for the active satellite list.

The Reference Swath Editor is supplied with three map projections, Miller, Polar North and Polar South.