Gantt Explorer

Operational file and data analysis for Earth Explorer missions

Gantt Explorer is a Microsoft Windows application providing a highly interactive visualization of several types of files and database time-based information.

Gantt Explorer provides three types of visualization:

• Gantt chart, providing a straightforward representation of events on a time-line display, organized by event types and with colors according to the event type and several event conditions;

• Map display, overlaying the events on an interactive world map in compatibility with the Satellite orbit and its ground track, and showing the actual instrument swaths;

• Report display, displaying the data in interactive tabular form, suitable for filtering and hierarchical classification.

The main characteristic of the Gantt Explorer is its capability of reading a large number of file types (>50) and represent them instantly on a graphic display. The Gantt Explorer implements an open architecture giving the users the possibility to configure the tool to read any file type in Tabular Text or XML format.

The Gantt Explorer exploits the implementation solutions and experience of the Envisat Gantt Tool, which was used in the Envisat PDS operation starting in 2002.

The Gantt Explorer also supports the interactive visualization of mission files on a time chart (Gantt) and on the world map (with both 2D and 3D map projections).