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Taitus applications are powered by in-house-built technology that makes extensive use of modern 3D computer graphics, integrated with advanced user interfaces. All Taitus projects use the in-house-built components, GanttX and SatX, which greatly reduces the development cycle times and provides an enormous library of complex and continually-tested functionalities.

SaVoir (Help Files)

Multi-Satellite Swath Planner
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End-to-end client-server order system with a plug-in-extended SaVoir as the client

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Copernicus (GMES) Applications

GEST : GMES Emergency Satellite Tasking

CPT : Coverage / Planning Tool

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Reference Swath Editor

Sensor footprint generator

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Visual Simulation for Space and Ground Segment

Realistic 3D space and ground segment simulator

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Envisat Gantt Tool

Operational file analysis for Envisat
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Gantt Explorer

Operational file and data analysis for Earth Explorer missions.
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CGT : 

Charter Geobrowser Tool

Charter Activations reporting and monitoring 

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CryoSat Applications

MURM: Mission User Request Management 

 CUT: Cryosat User Tool

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MMFI Advanced Component HMI

Linux-based product archive searcher / viewer

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