A new SaVoir version is ready for download. Discover all the new features and the configuration updates

Main new features added

  • Updated Walker Constellations to allow defining any number of satellites, not necessarily a multiple of the orbit planes
  • Added importing a trajectory from an Excel file
  • Added Catalog Number and IntlDesignator to optionally qualify swaths in reports and excel outputs, to uniquely identify the satellite involved.
  • Polygonal sensors have been redesigned to improve rendering of long swaths and allow stencil rendering like other sensor types
  • Polygonal and conical sensors are now supporting continuous steering, configurable via the sensor wizard
  • XML content now has CTRL (style) and SHIFT (data)
  • New optional parameter ScanRate, estimating the required sensor scan rate, in scan lines per second, compatible with the ground speed and the GSD. It is equal to the ratio between ground speed (perceived satellite speed on ground at the swath center in the direction of the swath length), and GSD in the Azimuth direction (along track).

And many other new features!



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