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09/02/2018 1:20 pm  

In addition to the preconfigured scenarios, how can I create my own scenario?

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14/02/2018 4:11 pm  

A Scenario is simply a collection, and can be of Satellites, Areas of Interest or Antennas.

On the Satellites Pane we have a default satellite scenario containing a vast choice of satellites, with orbits and sensors.

We can also have Areas of Interest scenarios, as you see here on the Areas Pane. SaVoir is delivered with a number of preconfigured scenarios and for the areas, there is one containing all the U.S.

States which can be selected using the drop down list. As new areas are created, they are added to the current area scenario. There is also an Antennas Pane here showing the default preconfigured antennas scenario.


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