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The SaVoir Charts Plugin provides a number charting and plotting functions and capabilities to SaVoir for a number of key orbit, swath and performance parameters. In particular, the Color Maps, allow to plot depth of coverage, revisit times, latency, delivery times and sun zenith angles on a global interactive map with unprecedented performance.

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The Charts plugin extends the SaVoir functionalities to provide numerous charting and plotting capabilities which are important for applications such as mission analysis.

The plugin provides:


  • depth of swath coverage (count)
  • depth of AOI coverage (count)
  • depth of antenna coverage (count)
  • revisit time (avg, min, max, stdev)
  • latency time (sensing – downlink) (avg, min, max, stdev)
  • delivery time (sensing – downlink – delivery to user) (avg, min, max, stdev)
  • sun zenith angle (avg, min, max, stdev)

All plots allow for multi satellite / sensor plots.
Plots generated for global earth or clipped to selected regions.


  • many charting options of orbit, antenna and range parameters.
Charts plugin Taitus

Maximum latency time between sensing and downlink for Nigeriasat-X and UK-DMC2 for West Freugh.

Depth of coverage.


Download TRIAL now!